Hang Seng Management College (HSMC) is a non-profit, self-financed university-level institution in Hong Kong, offering a wide range of undergraduate and taught postgraduate degree programmes.


Facts & History

HSMC was restructured from the former Hang Seng School of Commerce to become a degree-granting institution in 2010, and is applying to become a private university in Hong Kong.


Offices & Administration

HSMC is committed to the principles of good governance so as to promote the well-being of the College.

HSMC Campus

Visitor Information

The new campus of HSMC consists of quality academic and award-winning facilities, promoting green and sustainable campus development.

HSMC Information

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Other Information

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  • Our Staff

    Simon Ho
    We have a vision – to become a leading private university in Hong Kong.
    • Simon S. M. Ho
    • President
    • Hang Seng Management College
  • Our Students

    HSMC students are very eager to learn. Small-class learning helps students to build up closer relationships. Students also take the initiative to form their own study groups. Teachers make good use of real examples to explain theories and inspire us to think.
    • Ms LAM Man Wah
    • BBA, Graduate
  • Friend Quotes

    HSMC’s success in providing high quality “Liberal + Professional” education is well regconised. By offering degree programmes, it nurtures future leaders and broadens opportunities to the youths.
    • Mr Simon Ip Sik-on
    • Chairman
    • The Hong Kong Jockey Club