Hang Seng Management College has been embarking on a long-term development plan with the goal of becoming a leading private university since 2010. We have expanded a green campus which offers state-of-the-art learning, teaching, research and residential facilities to meet the needs and demands of quality tertiary education in the 21st century.

Campus map
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Block A – S H Ho Academic Building

Block A

  • G/F: HSMC Library: Reference and Course Reserve Collections, 24 Hours Study Area, Learning Commons, Special Collections Room, Printing Room, Group Discussion Rooms; Café, Student Co-op Shop
  • 1/F: HSMC Library: Circulation, Serials and CFA & CPA Collections, Learning Commons, Study Carrels, Group Discussion Rooms, E-learning Classroom
  • 2/F: HSMC Library: Multi-media Collection, Group Viewing Room; Language Centres, Decision Sciences Technology Laboratory, 4 Classrooms, Podium Roof Garden
  • 3/F: 12 Classrooms, 2 Computer Rooms, Lai Shu Chi Teaching Room
  • 4/F: Fung Yiu King Hall (Conference Hall), Financial Trading Laboratory, Wealth Management Training Centre, Translation and Interpretation Laboratory, Virtual Reality and Big Data Analytics Centre, 5 Classrooms
  • R/F:  Sky Light, Roof Garden

Construction of the S H Ho Academic Building (Block A) was completed and opened on 17 September 2012. The academic block has a Hang Seng Management College Library with Reference and Course Reserve Collections and Learning Commons on the lower floors, multi-purpose classrooms, Language Centres and a Decision Sciences Technology Laboratory on the intermediate floors, together with a top-niche Virtual Reality and Big Data Analytics Centre, Financial Trading Laboratory, a Wealth Management Training Centre and Fung Yiu King Hall which is a conference hall with simultaneous interpretation facilities.

Block B – Sports and Amenities Centre

Block B

  • G/F: 6-lane Indoor Swimming Pool, Canteen
  • 1/F: Multi-purpose Room, Music Room, Chinese Restaurant
  • 2/F: Fitness Centre, Dance Studio, Sports Hall
  • 3/F: Offices for Student Union, Associations and Societies
  • R/F: Roof Garden

Construction of the Sports and Amenities Centre (Block B) was completed on 17 October 2013 and opened for operation in phases from November 2013. This indoor sports and amenities building has a 6-lane indoor swimming pool, a canteen, a Chinese restaurant, a Sports Hall and offices for Student Union and storage / meeting venues for student organisations . The Sports Hall offers space for a 5-a-side football ground, badminton and basketball courts. A fitness centre, a multi-purpose room, a dance studio and a music room for students’ musical interest groups practice are also housed within this complex. In addition, there are areas designated for planting organic vegetables at the lower roof top coupled with the green roof top. The building is connected to the S H Ho Academic Building (Block A) and HSMC Plaza by two link bridges at ground level across the existing nullah.

Site C – HSMC Plaza

Site C

HSMC Plaza serves as the open plaza with a green courtyard, Lam Tai Fai Clock Tower, and water cascade, opened for use on 5 March 2014.

Block D – Lee Quo Wei Academic Building

Block D

  • 2/F: Auditorium, Podium Garden
  • 2/F – 6/F: 26 Classrooms
  • 3/F: Multimedia Training Centre, Radio Broadcast Training Centre, 2 Computer Rooms
  • 4/F: Podium Garden
  • 5/F – 8/F: Academic and Administration Offices
  • 8/F: Senior Staff Offices, College Chamber

Construction of Lee Quo Wei Academic Building (Block D) was completed and opened on 2 September 2013. A 400+ seats state-of-the-art jewel box Auditorium with extendable facilities for international conferences and exhibitions is located at the lower block of this 8-storey academic and administration twin building. The tower block consists of a variety of classrooms, a Radio Broadcast Training Centre and a Multimedia Training Centre, some academic and administration offices such as senior staff offices on the intermediate floors and a College Chamber on the top floor. This block is adjacent to the Academic and Administration Building (Block N) and forms the functioning core of the campus.

Block M – Academic and Administration Building

Block M

  • 2/F: Staff / Student Cafeteria, “The Always”, Swimming Pool, Open Basketball Court, Staff Quarters / Student Hostel
  • 3/F: BJC TV Studio, ATM, “The Way”
  • 4/F: College Hall
  • 6/F: Growth and Counseling Centre
  • 7/F: Language Laboratory, Multi-media Room, IT Learning Centre, Multi-purpose Activity Room
  • 8/F: Multi-media Room, Translation Workshop, IT Service Centre
  • 9/F: 5 Classrooms
  • 10/F: Lecture Theatre, 5 Classrooms

Construction of the Academic and Administration Building (Block M) was completed in 1980, which was the foundation year of Hang Seng School of Commerce, the predecessor of Hang Seng Management College.

Since the 1980s, as the foundation building of HSSC, Academic and Administration Building (Block M) played an important role whilst HSSC became a prestigious business school and a pioneering and leading provider of sub-degree programmes in business and related programmes. Most of the academic and administrative offices, as well as classrooms, had been re-located subsequently to S H Ho Academic Building (Block A) and Lee Quo Wei Academic Building (Block D) in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Block N – Academic and Administration Building

Block N

  • G/F: Radio Broadcasting Studio, Student Common Room, Career Office, Student Affairs Office
  • 1/F: Registry, Lecture Theatre
  • 2/F: 3 Computer Rooms
  • 2/F – 4/F:14 Classrooms
  • 5/F: Lecture Room

Construction of the Academic and Administration Building (Block N) was completed in 2008. The building consists of the Radio Broadcasting Studio which serves mainly the students of the Department of Journalism and Communication with advanced teaching and learning facilities.

Block A, Block B, Site C and Block D marked the accomplished Phase I of the College’s Master Campus Expansion Plan. Phase II – HSMC Jockey Club Residential Colleges has been completed in September 2015.

Phase II

Site F – HSMC Jockey Club Residential Colleges

Site F

HSMC is grateful for the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for the donation of HK$200 million towards the construction cost of the HSMC Jockey Club Residential Colleges, with about 1,200 students accommodated in these 3 blocks of residence halls. As part of the Master Campus Expansion Plan, the 3 blocks of residence hall adopt a model similar to “residential college (RC)” which combines living and learning. Awarded by Hong Kong Green Building Council, the student residence halls achieved Platinum rating in Final Assessment of the BEAM Plus Assessment Scheme.

The site is well situated on the hillside to enjoy a green vista of plants and trees within a short walkway distance uphill from the main campus. There are about 400 student quarters in this hostel complex, 3 to 4 students share a quarter with a built-in washroom and shower unit. As a succession of the entire campus theme design, this Site F hostel development continued its architectural design features same as Block A to Block D.  Part of the facade were constructed of window wall and terracotta cladding system. Over 30% of site is covered by soft landscape including vertical greens and green roofs.

This site is located on two levels of vista green plateau, surrounded by three sides of trees and bamboo bush slopes at the back, the hostel development portion facing South enjoys full open unobstructed view of Tate’s Cairn Tunnels entrance runway with a natural ecological surrounds at the back, which forms a natural environmental contrast. The residence halls concentrated PV panels installed at roof top as an alternative electricity power supply for hostels’ common corridors, general lighting and part of hot water power supply. A Key Card System is adopted as the main tool for student residents to gain access to the main entrance doorways of the halls, entrance doors of each block and residential unit. It is also used for paying the unit’s air-conditioning electricity consumption and usage of self-service laundries.

To promote students’ hall life, there are a communal hall, study room, pigeon holes and security counter, storage at the ground floor and laundry areas at the lower ground floor of each block. In addition, an outdoor recreation ground will be furnished to cater for student activities.

Construction of the HSMC Jockey Club Residential Colleges (Site F) was completed in September 2015 for student residents move-in block by block.

Phase III

Site C1 – Upon completion of the HSMC Jockey Club Residential Colleges at Site F, the existing staff quarters and student hostels can be decanted to pave way for this Phase III development. In its place, a new composite complex with a large classroom podium will be built to cater for future needs.

Site C2 – The existing main building can be further modified to pave way for this Phase Three development. It will link to the new composite complex with a large classroom podium to cater for future needs at Site C1.

Phase III is targeted to be completed by 2019 subject to availability of funds.

Phase 3

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