Career Prospects

With a solid training in Management Science and Information Management, the areas of potential careers for graduates include:

  • Manufacturing / Service Operations Management
  • Business / IT Project Management
  • Business Analysis & Consultation
  • System Management & Coordination
  • IT Sales & Marketing
  • Product / Software Development
  • Entre-preneurship

With the rapid development of e-commerce, different industries are trying to keep pace with the times, hope to make use of information systems to improve management efficiency.

According to the government’s ” Manpower Projection 2018 report”, it is expected that the total number of manpower requirement of professional services together with business consultants and information services sector under the six industries are projected to increase by 60,000 from 2010 to 2018. The findings offer useful reference on the great demand of labour in IT-related services sector.

Career Path for Management Consultant

From the diagram below, you’ll see the Career Path for graduates as a management consultant. The focus is on continuous development whether a graduate choose to pursue a role in any professional field, there are opportunities for promotion to be part of the senior management of a company.

The income projection by experience level for management consultant is shown below. All information is provided for reference and data is extracted from 2016 PayScale.

Career Prospects in Business Consultancy

Career Prospect in IT and Information Services Industry