About CPAO

The Communications and Public Affairs Office (CPAO) is established to enhance the brand image of HSMC, recognised for excellence in teaching, learning and research, especially in the areas of business and management.

Our Mission

  • Formulate and implement communications strategies of the College
  • Foster awareness of the College brand among all major stakeholders
  • Strengthen the publicity of the achievements of students, staff and alumni
  • Heighten communications within the College community

Our Work

  • internal and external communications
  • marketing and branding
  • media relations
  • community relations
  • event management
  • online communications
  • crisis management and communications
  • publications
  • souvenirs

Contact Us

Professor TSO Hung, Scarlet (曹虹教授)

Associate Vice-President
(Communications and Public Affairs)
Dean, School of Communication Professor
School of Communication

Mr WONG Sin Yung (王善勇先生)

Manager (Communications)

Tel: (852) 3963 5627 /
Ms WONG Wai Yi, Alison (王慧儀女士)
Tel: (852) 3963 5455 /
Ms TAM Wing Sze, Rebecca (譚詠詩女士)
Assistant Manager
Tel: (852) 3963 5505 /
Ms IP Yan Sin, New (葉欣倩女士)
Executive Officer
Tel: (852) 3963 5492 /
Ms LEE Tsz Ki, Angel (李芷琪女士)
Executive Officer
Tel: (852) 3963 5067 /
Ms CHAN Man Chi, Catherine (陳曼姿女士)
Executive Assistant
Tel: (852) 3963 5005 /
Ms LAW Chiu Kuen, Eunice (羅肖娟女士)
Executive Assistant
Tel: (852) 3963 5121 /
Ms LO Kit Si, Cathy (盧傑斯女士)
Executive Assistant
Tel: (852) 3963 5045 /
Ms TAM Ka Pik, Jenny (譚嘉碧女士)
Executive Assistant
Tel: (852) 3963 5401 /
Ms WONG Pui Man, Lorena (黃佩敏女士)
Executive Assistant
Tel: (852) 3963 5510 /
Ms YU Wing Yan, Teresa (余泳恩女士)
Executive Assistant
Tel: (852) 3963 5413 /
Ms Wong Kam Ping (黃錦萍女士)
Multimedia Production Officer
Tel: (852) 3963 5409 /
Mr CHAN Kin Yip, Nic (陳建業先生)
Technical Officer
Tel: (852) 3963 5496 /
  • Our Students

    The four-year training I received at the School of Communication has equipped me with adequate financial knowledge which enables me to understand and organise information collected from interviewees more easily, and thus prepare news reports more promptly. While working as an intern at RTHK, I got the chance to take part in front-line interviews. Programmes offered by the School of Communication are very challenging. The diversity in my study and practices had helped broaden my horizons.
    • Mr…
  • Friend Quotes

    The College has developed rapidly in recent years, in both organisational structure and campus environment.
    • Mr Eddie C S Fong
    • Managing Director, Head of Operations, Asia Pacific
    • J.P. Morgan Asset Management