Japan Study Tour 2017 for Management Students

26 May 2017

From 21 to 26 May 2017, 19 students joined a six-day Japan Study Tour organised by the Department of Management. Visiting Hamamatsu, the second largest city in Japan, the students experienced local culture and gained insights into management practices in Japan.

During the study tour, participants visited different enterprises, government organisations and universities, which included the Industrial Department of Hamamatsu City, Toyoya Sakichi Memorial & Suzuki History Museum, Hamamatsu Company and Shizuoka University. Students took the opportunities to learn about the entrepreneurial mottos and business models from these corporates and organisations, thus broadening their horizons.  They also knew more about the development blueprint of the city and the cutting edge technologies provided by local corporates.

To better experience the traditions and values treasured by the Japanese, students put on Yukata, enjoyed hot spring and joined guided tours to Oguni-Shrine as well as the Mount Fuji. During the six-day multifaceted campus life, students had morning exercise at the break of the day, said “Itadakimasu” (means I’ll start eating) at every meal, took off their shoes when entering a premises, played ball games with local students and harvested onions in the mud— all these activities together brought the most fascinating experiences during the tour.

The Department of Management would like to thank OISCA International Hong Kong for its dedication in arranging the study tour which provided a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience for the participants. Special thanks go to a number of offices at HSMC, such as the Registry and the Finance Office, for their support and assistance. Five students majoring in BBA-MGT (Johnny Siu Chun Hin, Kathy Yuen Ka Wai, Mandy Chu Wai Man, Derek Chan Chun Yat, and Miko Cheung Hiu Ting). under the guidance of Dr Ray Hui and after collaborating with OISCA International Hong Kong for more than nine months, successfully organised the study tour and applied their knowledge in management to practice. The study tour would not be a success without the devotion and support of the above parties.

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A representative from OISCA International Hong Kong saw the participants off.


Walking through the boulevard in shades to Oguni-Shrine, students found their inner-peace and were blessed at a ceremony.


At the Industrial Department of Hamamatsu City, students had a deeper understanding of the history of industrial development in Hamamatsu, their avant-garde technologies and industries, as well as the strategies of promoting entrepreneurship and attracting investment capital.


Students demonstrated great interest in the topics covered and were eager to raise questions.


Tried out the manual weaving machine designed by Mr Sakichi Toyoda, founder of Toyota.


Participants paid an on-site visit at Toyoya Sakichi Memorial & Suzuki History Museum to learn more about the company’s history, production, as well its vehicle assembly line.


Participants visited Kanzan-ji Temple and Lake Hamana.


Academic exchanges were arranged at Shizuoka University.


At Hamamatsu Photonics, participants learned more about modern photonics engineering.


Participants dressed in Yukata to experience local culture.


Sightseeing at Mount Fuji to explore the beauty of the nature at Lake Yamanaka, Lake Kawaguchi, Narusawa-hyōketsu, Asagiri Plateau and Shiraito Falls.


Experienced farming and local campus life.


Credits went to five BBA-MGT students (Mandy Chu Wai Man, Kathy Yuen Ka Wai, Johnny Siu Chun Hin, Miko Cheung Hiu Ting, and Derek Chan Chun Yat), Prof Irene Chow (3rd from right), Dr Ray Hui (2nd from right) and Mr Alan Siu (4th from right), parent of a student, for making the study tour happened.