Sentimental Grandparent Scheme Sharing Dinner

24 April 2017

In response to the call from Residential Colleges Unit of Student Affairs Office, 12 students participated in the Sentimental Grandparent Scheme this year. After attending a briefing and training session organised by the SAGE Madam Ho Sin Hang Hone for the Aged and Residential Colleges Unit in January, participants paired up in a group of two to visit the elderly and listened to their stories. They will then compile a “Life Story Book” for their elderly friends.

Our students attended the sharing dinner held under the Scheme on 24 Apr 2017 at S H Ho College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, which was joined by guests including Dr Ho Tzu Leung, Chairman of The S H Ho Foundation and his wife, representatives from the Hong Kong Society for the Aged, Hang Seng Management College, the University of Hong Kong, and S H Ho College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

During the sharing session, Tong Ka Lok, resident of Wellness College, recalled how he applied the communication skills learnt from the training during his visits and how he got closer with the elderly by putting himself in their shoes. Leung Ka Man, resident of Evergreen College, said she had memorable interactions with the elderly and in one occasion, she taught her elderly friend how to write her own name. By learning from the elderly, she understands the wisdom of getting happy and satisfied.


Dr Ho Tzu Leung presented certificates to HSMC participants.


Ms Rebecca Chan, Director of Student Affairs, Dr Victor Chan, Associate Master of Amity College, Dr Christopher Au Yeung, Tutor of Amity College, and Ms Vivian Lau, Student Affairs Officer attended the sharing dinner with HSMC participants.