School of Humanities and Social Science

Dean’s Message

We are living in the era of Post-humanism, where academic boundaries and disciplines are being de-territorialised. The School of Humanities and Social Science housing four Major Degree Programmes (Chinese, English, Asian Studies and Applied and Human-Centred Computing) offers broad-based courses, leading to an all-round development of students, and an integration of arts, social and technology studies. To pursue further this end, courses in the four Departments of the School of Humanities and Social Science have been undergoing changes accordingly to keep abreast of the current situation and a new Programme in Cultural and Creative Industries is in the pipeline for 2017.

2016/17 is a significant year for Hang Seng Management College, as some of its existing Degree Programmes will be re-accredited in line with the College growth and diversity, one of which will be our English Major Programme, which has marched into its fourth year, having produced its first batch of graduates for the workplace and further study. The School will strive to broaden the discipline base and to synergise diverse disciplines to attain the goal of a humanistic, societal and technological trinity.

Professor LUK Yun Tong, Thomas

Dean, School of Humanities and Social Science