The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese (BA-CHI)

The BA-CHI Degree Programme aims to provide academic and professional training for students to master all areas of Chinese knowledge, including but not limited to literature, cultural knowledge and theories, as well as the use of Chinese. Students are expected to apply such knowledge to the workplace and academic research. The Programme has three major distinctive features:

1) It incorporates business modules into a diversified programme that includes not only modules on the major studies, but also modules of general education and other fundamental educational modules. Students can broaden their horizons and also acquire knowledge of business.
2) It emphasises on the training of Putonghua and writing, so that students can pursue a career that requires such skills after graduation.
3) It offers a credit-bearing module on internship that requires skills obtained from other pragmatic modules. Through internship, students can experience the work environment and perform duties of the position they assume in a selected profession, so that they can be better prepared shall they pursue the same profession after graduation.

Upon graduation, students can further their studies or pursue a career related to education, cultural undertaking, public administration, multimedia, and public relations.
The programme particularly emphasises on moral education and independent thinking. Its design holds fast to the principle of promoting moral cultivation and lifelong learning, with which students will become a responsible citizen and can contribute to the society.
The BA-CHI is a four-year programme with two semesters per year. Students are required to take at least 40 modules in four years. Each module is composed of three credits, with a total of 120 credits. The proportion of the modules is as follows:
Core modules and elective modules for major: 23
Common Core Curriculum modules: 12
Business education modules: 2
Free electives: 3

Teachers of the Programme are all highly qualified academics and professionals. Moreover, all of our Putonghua teachers are certified examiners of the Putonghua Proficiency Test (PSC), an authoritative examination for native speakers of Chinese. They have taught at local and foreign universities, and are highly experienced and learned.

Common Core Curriculum Modules

The Department of Chinese offers Common Core Curriculum modules, including mandatory and elective modules that aim to enhance students’ abilities in communication, reading, writing, thinking, and literature appreciation.
It is a prerequisite to possess fine language ability and communication skills before one can become a successful business talent. In recent years, business activities between Hong Kong and China are continuously on the rise. Accompanied with it is the increasing importance of Chinese and Putonghua. The different modules offered provide training for students to master the basic theories and their application. Additionally, the Putonghua modules enhance students’ oral communication abilities in different scenarios, including those that are likely to happen in everyday life and in workplace.
In addition to these modules that emphasise on practical usage, our Department also addresses the function of literature in moral cultivation. To guide students in reading literary works, they can better appreciate Chinese literature both in terms of contents and literary skills. Moreover, students will get to better understand Chinese culture that has lasted for over three thousand years. Teachers incorporate moral education into the appreciation of literature, helping students to have all-round development. Through literature appreciation, our Department expects students to understand the importance to hold on to one’s ideals and ambitions, to shoulder social responsibilities, and to nurture personalities, so that they can create a brighter future for our society.

Administrative Staff

Mr AU Yik Sau, Michael (歐亦修先生)
Teaching Assistant

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Tel : (852)3963 5115
Ms LO Kit Ling, Catherine (勞潔靈女士)
Assistant Officer

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Ms LAU Wing Wa, Stella (劉穎華女士)
Executive Assistant

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