Campus Map
Campus Map


Bus Stop

HSMC (Kwong Sin Street) bus stop:

Tate’s Cairn Tunnel bus stop:


Routes by car

Tate's Cairn Tunnel From Tate’s Cairn Tunnel

Lion Rock Tunnel From Lion Rock Tunnel

Ma On Shan Station From Ma On Shan Station

New Territories Ring Rd From New Territories Ring Road

Shing Mun Tunnels Bus Interchange From Shing Mun Tunnels Bus Interchange

Tsing Sha Hwy From Tsing Sha Highway

driving map

A1 A2

Turn left from Sha Tin Wai Road to Siu Lek Yuen Road, then turn right to Kwong Sin Street

B1 B2

Turn left from Tate’s Cairn Highway to Sha Tin Wai Road, then turn left to Ngau Pei Sha Street


Turn right from Sha Tin Wai Road to Ngau Pei Sha Street


Turn right at Ngau Pei Sha Street to Hang Shin Link or to Entrance A

Turn right to Main Entrance

  • Our Staff

    HSMC is unique, not only does it provide professional training, its liberal education also broadens students’ knowledge.
    • Dr Moses Cheng Mo-chi
    • Chairman
    • Independent Insurance Authority (IIA)
  • Our Students

    Campus life at HSMC was colourful and dynamic.
    • Ms Tse Siu Ting, Ray
    • BTB, Graduate of 2013
  • Friend Quotes

    The College has developed rapidly in recent years, in both organisational structure and campus environment.
    • Mr Eddie C S Fong
    • Managing Director, Head of Operations, Asia Pacific
    • J.P. Morgan Asset Management