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Academic and Administrative Committees

Academic Board


The Academic Board is the supreme academic body which ​directs and ​regulates the academic and student affairs of the College.



I. Membership Composition


(A) Ex-officio Members:









Associate Vice-Presidents;
School Deans;
Heads of Departments;
College Registrar;
College Librarian;
Director of Student Affairs;
All full professors or above of HSMC (who are not otherwise members); and
President of HSMC Students' Union or his/her delegate



Appointed Members:


Not more than 3 administrative / academic unit heads appointed by the President



Appointed Members:

1 Elected academic staff member from each School (excluding all full professors) nominated by the Dean of School




College Registrar



II. Terms of Reference



to approve  the  development and  offering  of all  degree/sub-degree programmes and courses proposed by Schools, or other Units;


to draw up a framework of guidelines and principles to guide the development, validation, operation, evaluation and review of programmes and courses;


to  plan,  promote and  regulate  the teaching,  learning  and research  activities  in  the College;


to approve  examination  results, student  graduation,  and the  conferment  of academic awards of the College with the Statutes and all relevant College regulations currently in force;


to report to the College Council on any academic matters, where appropriate;


to approve,  monitor  and review  the  academic standards  and  quality assurance  of  all programmes and courses regularly with particular reference to the following aspects:



student admissions and academic regulations;
programme management and review;
teaching and learning;
assessment and examinations;
research and scholarly work;
library and learning resources;
student services and activities;
staff student consultation;
any other academic aspects as deemed appropriate; and


to exercise any other responsibilities and functions of academic governance as assigned to it by the College Council.



September 2016


Academic Board Membership in 2016/17