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Senior Management Committee


The Senior Management Committee is the basic executive body of the College. It also advises the College Council and the Board of Governors on major College strategy, planning and policies.



I. Membership Composition



Ex-officio Members






Associate Vice-Presidents
School Deans
Director of Finance
Head of Human Resources
College Registrar
College Librarian
Director of Student Affairs



Appointed Members


Administrative or Academic Heads appointed by the President



In Attendance/ Observers



Assistant to President
Assistant to Provost
Assistant to Vice-President (Organisational Development)




College Secretary



II. Terms of Reference


The Senior Management Committee advises the President on matters relating to the strategic planning and development as well as management of the College.  When deem appropriate and necessary by the President, the Committee will act collectively on such matters,

  1. To act collectively in ensuring the effective leadership and management of the College;
  2. To develop overall long-term and short-term strategic plans and associated financial plans for the College;
  3. To consider and develop College policies and associated procedures in financial planning and control, resource allocation and staffing matters;
  4. To consider and endorse all financial proposals including adjustment to remuneration package and tuition fee level, and to make appropriate recommendations to the Finance Committee and/ or College Council;
  5. To oversee the quality assurance of individual academic support and administrative units and the College as a whole;
  6. To consider and advise on all aspects of campus facilities relating to development, maintenance, renovation, and utilization from a policy perspective;
  7. To receive annual reports from its Standing Committees, Administrative Units and Academic Units as requested by the President; and 
  8. To provide advice on any matters as referred by the President and undertake any other tasks as requested by the President. 



September 2016


Senior Management Committee Membership in 2016/17